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Britain’s Best Breaks ~ Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are the perfect destination in Britain to get away from the spiralling pressures of everyday life. The names roll of the tongue with ease; Fort William, Loch Leven, the Great Glen, The Cairngorms and, of course, the eternal mystery that is Loch Ness. In addition to some of Britain’s most outstanding natural beauty, this region has everything you could ask for when planning a break. Entertainment, culture, art and music, plus some of the most exciting heritage sites in the United Kingdom – it’s all here. .

World’s Best Island – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka The words mean “resplendent isle,” and the natural charms of this pear-shaped island in the Indian Ocean that nearly kisses the southeast tip of India are indeed splendid. Peopled mostly by Sinhalese, the result of waves of Indo-Aryan emigration, the island is mostly flat, with gentle mountains in the south. The Portuguese and the Dutch once waged proxy wars here; by 1802 the island was a British colony. This century saw bloody civil war, as the Liberation Tigers, representing minority Tamils, fought the Sinhalese and their domination of politics and economics.  In 2009 the Tigers were vanquished. Today peace ...[ Read More ]

Ultimate Holiday Destination, Mexico’s Riviera Maya

From a distance this might not look like much, but get up close and see that there is more to this planet then meets the eye. 10 things to do when visiting the Riviera Maya: Swimming by the only archaeological site located by the sea… Tulum. Spend a day of amazement interacting with Mexican culture in one of the most spectacular theme parks in the world Xcaret. Snorkel in the largest natural aquarium in the world Xel-Ha. Get the perfect suntan in Akumal silky beaches. Explore the mystery of the Mayan caves in Aktun Chen. Stroll along “La Quinta Avenida” of Playa del Carmen and enjoy the ...[ Read More ]

Sri Lanka Overview – Kuoni Travel Guide

 Sri Lanka climbs Kuoni list of best travel destinations Sri Lanka has climbed the Kuoni list as the 4th best selling travel destination for 2010. Kuoni Travel Ltd is one of the largest travel companies in Switzerland, and also one of the leading travel organisations in the world. It calls itself UK’s most successful specialist tour operator. The operator’s annual Longhaul Report, which was first published in 1980, reveals the best-selling destinations so far for 2010. While the top three most popular long-haul destinations for Kuoni are Maldives, Thailand and US which held the top places last year, Sri Lanka ...[ Read More ]
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