The Best Holiday Destination in the World

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It is particularly difficult to elect one best holiday destination in the world, because people have different tastes, and different ideas to what would it be. So we have gathered the best destinations by type, if you have suggestions please let us know.

Best romantic Holiday destination.


Paris, France is one of the most fascinating and romantic cities in Europe, and tourists visiting this wonderful city will find that things to see and do are almost limitless. Known as the ‘City of Light’, the beauty of Paris is overwhelming and its architectural and artistic heritage combine with undeniable appeal and world-class tourism to make any visit an unforgettable experience.
Paris’ museums and monuments are among its highest-esteemed attractions; tourism has motivated both the city and national governments to create new ones. The city’s most prized museum, the Louvre, welcomes over 8 million visitors a year, being by far the world’s most-visited art museum. The city’s cathedrals are another main attraction: Notre Dame de Paris and the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur receive 12 million and eight million visitors, respectively. The Eiffel Tower, by far Paris’ most famous monument, averages over six million visitors per year and more than 200 million since its construction. Disneyland Paris is a major tourist attraction for visitors to not only Paris but also the rest of Europe, with 14.5 million visitors in 2007. ( from Wikipedia)

The lovers guide to romantic Paris

Long famed as the city of lovers, it’s easy to see why Paris still holds appeal to couples looking for a little romance. Whether it’s walking hand in hand along the quais of the Seine, sharing a Bertillon ice cream in the Ile St Louis (4th Arrondissement) or kissing in front of the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre (18th Arrondissement); lovers of all ages can immerse themselves in the same romantic Parisian atmosphere that has inspired centuries of novels, paintings, photographs and films.

The best beach in the World

WhiteHeaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is a definite “must-see” in the Whitsundays. The crystal clear aqua waters and pristine silica sand of Whitehaven stretch over seven kilometres along Whitsunday Island , the largest of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays. It defines nature at its best and provides the greatest sense of relaxation and escape.

As soon as you arrive it’s easy to see why it is the most photographed beach in Australia and has been named “Queensland’s Most Beautiful Beach” by ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ and Queensland’s Friendliest Beach more than once. recently named Whitehaven Beach the ‘world’s top eco-friendly beach 2010’.

At the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is Hill Inlet, a stunning cove where the tide shifts the sand and water to create a beautiful fusion of colours.  As the tide shifts, the white silica sand and turquoise shades of the inlet blend seamlessly to create a breathtaking view of swirling Whitsunday colours.

For the best view, journey to the lookout at Tongue Point on Whitsunday Island. Time your lookout experience on low tide to fully experience the beautiful fusion of colours that surface.

There are several ways to experience the beauty of Hill Inlet. Many companies offer day trips to Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet by ferry, power boat or luxury yacht. Most overnight sailing trips also stop here.

Scenic helicopter and seaplane flights over Hill Inlet promise amazing aerial views as the magical waters and sand dance below.

However you choose to explore Whitehaven Beach, it will be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

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Best Historical Holiday Destination


Egypt it one of the most culturally rich countries in the world and one of the most ancient tourist spots in the world having played host to many visitors from ancient Greece and Rome.

The stunning, colossal monuments of Ancient Egypt never fail to astonish. The heat, sight and the light of the desert invigorate. The cool, turquoise waters rejuvenate. A romantic cruise along the world’s longest river dazzles the senses. A first class getaway resort in the Red Sea Riviera is pure escapism. No place has the magic, mystery and pleasures of Egypt. Travel to Egypt to discover a world of wonder.

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