The best holiday destination in the UK

Are you looking for a beautiful, relaxing and friendly holiday destination? Well look no further, you’ve found it! Video produced by Oddsox Productions. For more information about Film production services, Visit



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  1. PrincessxPinkx says:

    i ALWAYS go to tenby for my holidays im 13 and i’ve been going there since i was a baby

  2. parkouraliberte says:

    I went here for my last holiday, I live in North Wales aaaand I really wanna move to somewhere near Tenby

  3. taffwob says:

    Woolies has gone & been replaced by the creeping cancer of Tesco. Great video, the best place ib the world in my humbleopinion. (Just came back after a week there).

  4. denzlepob says:

    Good video, we are going on Saturday! You better be right Gary!!! Were gonna visit Woolies!! And the killer sea gull.

  5. lordmelbury11 says:

    You can keep the costa brava i’d rather have a day down Tenby with all my family.

    Great video, great town.

  6. pjstns says:

    peaceful–in webster’s-this you tube vid

  7. SamCordery says:

    are all the barmaids like that?

  8. bobbykoedkotto says:

    same here i used to love swimming out to the rock and jump off it. stay at the fourcroft hotel brilliant hotel

  9. madmum23 says:

    oooh im off in 2 weeks i used to go with my grandparents as a kid i loved it….im now taking my fiance and 3 children to experience the beauty of tenby!!! great vid! x

  10. MadRoss782 says:

    another brilliant video OddSox. I think i should reccomend you to my boss who is doing a job and needs a camera operator just like you! Amazing contact me ok.. Well done!!!

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