The best holiday destination in the UK

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Are you looking for a beautiful, relaxing and friendly holiday destination? Well look no further, you’ve found it! Video produced by Oddsox Productions. For more information about Film production services, Visit



10 thoughts on “The best holiday destination in the UK”

  1. i ALWAYS go to tenby for my holidays im 13 and i’ve been going there since i was a baby

  2. I went here for my last holiday, I live in North Wales aaaand I really wanna move to somewhere near Tenby

  3. Woolies has gone & been replaced by the creeping cancer of Tesco. Great video, the best place ib the world in my humbleopinion. (Just came back after a week there).

  4. Good video, we are going on Saturday! You better be right Gary!!! Were gonna visit Woolies!! And the killer sea gull.

  5. You can keep the costa brava i’d rather have a day down Tenby with all my family.

    Great video, great town.

  6. same here i used to love swimming out to the rock and jump off it. stay at the fourcroft hotel brilliant hotel

  7. oooh im off in 2 weeks i used to go with my grandparents as a kid i loved it….im now taking my fiance and 3 children to experience the beauty of tenby!!! great vid! x

  8. another brilliant video OddSox. I think i should reccomend you to my boss who is doing a job and needs a camera operator just like you! Amazing contact me ok.. Well done!!!

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