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 Sri Lanka climbs Kuoni list of best travel destinations Sri Lanka has climbed the Kuoni list as the 4th best selling travel destination for 2010. Kuoni Travel Ltd is one of the largest travel companies in Switzerland, and also one of the leading travel organisations in the world. It calls itself UK’s most successful specialist tour operator. The operator’s annual Longhaul Report, which was first published in 1980, reveals the best-selling destinations so far for 2010. While the top three most popular long-haul destinations for Kuoni are Maldives, Thailand and US which held the top places last year, Sri Lanka and Malaysia have moved up the list to fourth and sixth places respectively.

China and Hong Kong is a new entry at number eight and Singapore comes in at number 10. Kenya and Mauritius were the destinations to drop out of the top 10 from last year. Kuoni said destinations to watch out for this year include India, Oman, Indonesia and Cuba which are all showing momentum and just sitting outside the top 10. Other trends identified by the operator include a desire by holidaymakers to “get under the skin of a country, to engage with locals or traditional and authentic experiences unique to the destination”.


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  1. Solja2010 says:


  2. portilon says:

    @NorthDravid even pakistan i mean porkistan.

  3. Hashuism says:

    ski lanka is the best! and india’s best ally!

  4. gihansage says:


    How du u know abt sri lankans.. brother..! have u ever been to sri lanka? Im a proud sri lankan and we respect and welcome all the nations to sri lanka..! We are famous for our hospitality … !

  5. NorthDravid says:

    LOL! The majority of Sri Lankans who are Sinhalese Buddhists hate India and especially Hindus.

  6. Mindfreak103 says:

    U r wrong …hahaha

  7. 007devchanda says:

    good! we r in a frndship

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