Perth and Fremantle Holiday Destinations in Western Australia

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Perth and Fremantle – All the essential ingredients for a great holiday. Some of the country’s best beaches, plenty of nightlife, bustling markets, inner city parks, outdoor dining and amazing marine adventures.

Located 18km south of Perth at the mouth of the Swan River, Fremantle is a cosmopolitan centre popular for holidays and relaxation.
Previously established as a port and penal colony, Fremantle today has many fine convict constructed buildings mixed with modern ones built when hosting the America’s Cup.

Attractions and activities include sailing, kayaking and fishing. Explore Fremantle Prison, captain Cook Cruises and Fremantle tram tours, Sky diving, helicopter joy flights and 4WD beach fishing safaris, Fremantle Army Museum, Fremantle Chocolate Factory tours and the Round House and Whalers Tunnel. Experience Shipwreck Museum, Proclamation Tree and the Aquarium of Western Australia, Fremantle Motor Museum, Fremantle History Museum and Maritime Museum at Victoria Quay, Fremantle Heritage Cemetery Trail, Samson House Museum and World of Energy.

Accommodation options for visitors include chalets, cabins and hotels, apartments, B&Bs and holiday units.

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  1. London ought to be on that list! Extortionate prices,filthy streets,extra-rude service workers,the tube crawling with sodding Romanian beggars,& pick-pockets practically every other foot!

  2. Actually if you like military parades, big communist shows or massive soviet-style monuments, yet dont mind 9 PM electricit shutdowns and a constant guide, North Korea might not be so bad.

  3. well, chernobyl looks like a nice place to visit actually. I’ve seen it on a documentary
    you can go to the ferris wheel like in COD 4 or meet the last man still living there
    (on the outside borders witch is safe-ish)

  4. I’m sure Guantanamo Bay is an awful place, but Cuba is an amazing country: amazing beaches, resorts and the people are awsome! I’m Canadian, so I can travel there 🙂

  5. @locoawise p.s.- desculpa se não escrevo muito bem, comecei a aprender esta língua 1 ano e meio atrás, ainda há MUITAS coisas que eu não sei dizer :-/

  6. @locoawise diversidade em termos das pessoas e os lugares que posso fazer a minha arte… (também gosto muito da comida e café, até demais X-P… e, na minha opinião, Portugal é um dos países com a melhor comida e café do mundo, junto com o Brasil, Argentina, e Japão).

  7. @locoawise prontos, tens o direito a dizer isso se não gostas da cidade, mas para dizer que é pior que o Afeganistão ou Chernobyl? Isso já e um bocado mau, não achas? Eu não sei de onde e que vens, mas tenho a certeza que não gostavas de ouvir alguém a falar assim sobre o teu país (mm se éra a verdade)… O facto é que algumas pessoas vejam muito valor nas coisas que outras chamam “tediosas.” Por exemplo, eu sou fotógrafo e musico, eu adoro as cidades como Lisboa e Porto porque há muita

  8. i’ve been to zimbabwe and i had the best time ever and the locals are so friendly , there are worse place’s than this in the world .
    i would love to go to antarctica

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