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Caribbean Life – Best Holiday Destination. This is the tropical image that inspires dreams. Love it. Music: Don-ki-Not (2003) by Antony Raijeko

These are Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia According to Travel Poll 2009 By Smart Travel Asia.


17 thoughts on “Caribbean Life – Best Holiday Destination”

  1. If i wen tthere I would never go back home. Get me a hammock to sleep in and im good. (:
    excellent video 🙂

  2. fyi, Indonesia has 17.508 islands…we dont care about the ranking…bali, borobudur, komodo island, lombok, bunaken, bangka belitung island, ambon, papua, and many more….!!! some of asian country maybe only have few wonderful places, but Indonesia has A LOT..!!!

  3. philippines has many beautiful island… unfortunately, their government not expose the beauty of these island commercially… it’s different from Malaysian government where they were promoting their country around the world through various sources.. thats why malaysia is in the top 10 in tourism ranking… i’ve seen Boracay island in the internet and it is beautiful.. i really want to go there.. greeting from Malaysia..

  4. @McCHRIST021 lol, by the way you forgot Remarkable Indonesia, oh and im from !ncredible India.

  5. @zoraver100 Dubai is in asia. Dubai is in the middle east which is in asia. By the way im from Kerala, India 🙂

  6. THAILAND:amazing thailand
    INDIA:incredible india
    MALAYSIA:truly asia
    what’s PAKISTAN tourism’s tag line??????guess………..its”have ablast till u last”………….lolzzzzzzzzz……………

  7. magazine’s can be written by some racist guy out there a beautiful place can only be said by people’s who got to each and every places on earth this is not ms.universe wherein you can judge the beauty of a nationality by one representative from that particular country!!!

  8. i have been to Boracay Philippines last summer and wower it was Heaven there.. the Filipinos were so nice and they talk english so well. my next trip will be in Palawan Philippines this year..Philippine Islands is the place to be.. so oriental and western too so i do feel like home.. greetings to Philippines.. Fher from Florida USA.

  9. man In thailand ithink Phuket and Pattaya better than Cheingmai and Bangkok , because people all the world come to phuket and pattaya 15 million for a year.

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