The Passage, Koh Samui, Thailand, for wedding or holidays

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Nestled on the flanks of a gently sloping headland on the very North West tip of Koh Samui island lies one of Thailand’s most exclusive and beautiful sunset beaches – Laem Yai beach.

Delight in Koh Samui’s magical skies, breathtaking sunsets and crystal clear seas that secure our position as one of the premier romantic resorts in this holiday paradise.

Sunset at Laem Yai beach outside The Passage Samui resort – May 1, 2011

For discerning couples seeking an enchanting escape from the hustle and bustle of the main beaches on Koh Samui – The Passage Samui Resort is truly paradise found.

The Passage Samui is a brand new luxury boutique resort hotel on the North West tip of Koh Samui. Stunning sunsets, refined beachfront dining and exquisite designer villas ensure your holiday memories will last forever. 1,999 THB – 20,000 THB /nigh

The Passage Samui resort is set on an emerald island of the kind that everybody dreams about: warm, turquoise seas, soft white sandy beaches and a backdrop of majestic, jungle clad mountains.


Stunning high vaulted ceilings give villa guests a luxurious sense of space. Hand painted works of art adorn the walls, with world class fixtures including contemporary spring rain showerheads completing the stylish experience.

Beachfront Dining

The Terrace beachfront restaurant is the perfect venue for meals by the beach while affording diners with some of Koh Samuis most superb views for romantic sunset dinners. Whether you delight in Western, Japanese or Thai cuisine, our executive chef will provide you with a sensory experience to remember.


Experience our Thai Chakra treatments in our delicious Spa, where ancient traditions of herbal medicine are blended with the art of massage. Both heat and healing essences from indigenous herbs are applied to balance the elements in your body: earth, water, wind and fire. All tensions will disappear, toxins will be flushed away, your immunity levels will increase, bringing your physical and mental spirit to heavenly highs

Beach Wedding preparation at The Passage Samui, April 30 2011

Your dream wedding made real.

Imagine the perfect wedding in paradise. Stand together by an expansive stretch of endless sea. Walk down an aisle created by nature herself, encircleded by the majesty of one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches. Join hands – and hearts whilst the spectacular sunset paints magical patterns among the clouds.

Professional Wedding Organiser

We understand organising tropical wedding’s is complex. That’s why we work with experienced British project management staff who have done this for years.

They will guide you through the process ensuring your dream wedding in Koh Samui runs smoothly and meets your expectation down to the very last detail.

Koh Samui Beach Wedding

Our Secular beach wedding is priced based on two persons and has been designed to include everything required for a complete wedding day experience.

The Passsage Samui wedding experience includes everything that you need to ensure you and your husband-to-be enjoy an experience you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Guest Wedding Packages, Koh Samui Thailand

For your guests, there is a guest package on offer, as well as several dinner reception menus and drinks packages to choose from. We also offer additional options like traditional Thai music and dance, fireworks, hairdressing and makeup which can be added to your wedding experience to make your day even more unique.

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