Sri Lanka No.2 in World’s Twenty Best Tourist Destinations – National Geographic Channel 2010

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The world renown TV Channel in an exclusive report on best places to visit has categorized Sri Lanka as the 2nd best place to visit. Out of the 20 countries it many well known tourist destinations are listed far behind Sri Lanka. Under this list Hong Kong occupies the 9th place, Bali 7th place, Mauritius 4th place and Zanzibar 3rd place. In an exclusive report on Sri Lanka the commentators Travel Writer of the Times, Jil Crawshow and Editor of Wandertrust Magazine describes Sri Lanka as definitely a best place to visit. Opening the commentary with the first world traveler Marco Polos description of Sri Lanka as the Jade Pendant in the Indian Ocean the commentators say Sri Lanka is exactly what it is and Sri Lanka has got basically everything for a tourist. Commenting about the beaches, they say Sri Lanka has hundreds of miles of amazingly undiscovered beaches and coral marine life, and it is one of the greatest island for beaches. The comment that Sri Lanka got a wonderful history and culture in a really small space and describes the ancient 6th century city Sigiriya, the palace built on a top of rock as place not to miss. Commenting on Sri Lankas wild life and the availability of elephants and leopards, they make special reference to the Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary. They describe that Pinnawala was started in 1975 with 7 elephants and it has now 65 elephants and it is the largest herd in captivity. The commentators have not even spared to mention about the food


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  1. May 15 (SL)Tiger Woods to visit Sri Lanka. Golfing legend Tiger Woods is expected in Sri Lanka on Tuesday, May 17 at the Royal Colombo Golf Club. The club will be hosting him with the event being open only to a select few. Tickets to the black tie event have been priced at Rs. 112,000 each (US $1,000). The Royal Colombo Golf Club said Woods is expected to remain in the country for just one day and would attend a black tie event at the club on the evening of May 17…

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  4. Dec 10 (DN) Direct flights between Lanka, Switzerland soon.
    Swiss Ambassador Thomas Litscher said he would work towards establishing a direct airline connection between Sri Lanka and Switzerland. Litscher who called on Prime Minister D M Jayaratne at Visumpaya Tuesday, said over 10,000 Swiss tourists arrived in Sri Lanka last year.
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  7. Sri Lanka gets cruise ship calls after war
    Nov 16 (LBO) A luxury passenger vessel, MV Le Diamant, operated by the CMA CGM shipping line, has begun calls at Sri Lankan ports following the end of the island’s 30-year ethnic war. The Sri Lanka Ports Authority said the ship called at the eastern port of Trincomalee on November 14, the first time in 30 years the harbor has got a cruise call. The vessel also called at the ports of Galle on the south coast and Colombo, on the west coast

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