Costa Rica Weddings at Villa Caletas Hotel

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Whatever you dreamed your honeymoon or wedding would be this is where it comes true.

Villa Caletas, a luxury boutique hotel inspired by Tropical Victorian Architecture with a touch of Neo Classical influence shining like a jewel among resorts, prized not only for its location, design and décor, but also for its outstanding facilities and first class service.

Overlooking a beautiful coastline, the breathtaking views bring our country to life. Villa Caletas is located on a rainforest hilltop in the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. From each side of the mountain, rain forests spread to sandy, quiet beaches below. Views of lush tropical rainforests with the emerald green ocean complement some of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever see. At the bottom of the mountain, Villa Caletas offers its own very private beach.

VILLA CALETAS combines the truly unique concept of both mountain and seaside resort. Its location and design offer seaside breezes along with the mountains air freshness

Its exceptional hilltop location more than 1150 feet above the ocean, combined with turn-of-the century style, gives Villa Calletas a unique position among the resorts, hotels and restaurants of Costa Rica. A jewel above the crashing sea.



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